• Zan Menart

    Zan Menart

    Smart Optometry & AmblyoPlay CEO ☞ International Relations ⇒ Business Administration ⇒ eHealth Startup CEO ☞ “Can’t wait to hear what I’ve got to say!”

  • Simon Sovič

    Simon Sovič

    Full stack startupper & eternal optimist. Biz dev. ex: @edgartells

  • Sandi Paulina

    Sandi Paulina

  • Oleg Shakirov

    Oleg Shakirov

    European security, digital diplomacy etc

  • Alsina


    I write about my personal experiences, Art, D&I and Economics

  • Miha Ilc

    Miha Ilc

  • World Travel & Tourism Council

    World Travel & Tourism Council

    Our mission is to maximise the inclusive and sustainable growth potential of the Travel & Tourism sector. Join the conversation #WTTC

  • Fahad Wajed

    Fahad Wajed

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